Pop-up tasting game for London

Wine Options Game

We’re delghted to announce a new ‘pop-up’ masterclass session in London for 2018. This informal 20-minute session takes place just downstairs from the main tasting hall and will run from 1:00pm – 1:20 approximately. Tickets cost just £2, and the session is limited to 40 people. Tickets on sale now.

Matthieu Longuere SommelierMaster Sommelier from London’s Le Cordon Bleu wine school, Matthieu Longuère, will host a fun session called The Wine Options Game. Wine Options was invented by Australian wine guru Len Evans, as blind tasting game that anyone can join in, whatever their level of wine knowledge or experience. Everyone is poured the same unidentified wine and Matthieu will give two options as to what’s in the glass, for example, “Is it from France, or Australia?”  Everyone makes their guess, and those who get it right move onto the next question, again with two options. The last person standing wins.

Wine Options really is great fun, because everyone has a 50/50 chance of being right at each stage. While wine knowledge certainly helps, a bit of intuition and some lucky guessing can go a long way!  After each wine has been identified, Matthieu will describe what clues you should have been looking for at each stage of the game, so playing will also build your knowledge of how to assess and identify a wine if presented with it ‘blind’ in future.

You are bound to learn a lot from participating in this fun format tasting, and Matthieu’s knowledge – as one of only 249 Master Sommeliers in the world – will see to that.  Who knew learning about wine could be such fun?

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