All Festivals Sold-out for 2019

It’s fantastic that once again all three of our Festivals in 2019 sold out completely. All entry tickets, and masterclass tickets, were snapped up months in advance of each event.

It’s humbling that so many of you love to attend our Festivals, and hugely gratifying to know that we must be doing something right!

Apologies to those who missed out, but the best advice we can offer is to join our mailing list. That way you will be among he first to know when tickets go on sale, or masterclass are announced, as we always release this to our mailing list 24 hours in advance of the public offer. We also try to alert the mailing list when tickets for any of events get down to the final few dozen.

Our 2020 dates are confirmed, and Glasgow is already on sale. Tickets for London and Edinburgh will go on sale as soon as this year’s event is over.

Glasgow 13 JUNE 2020
London 10 OCTOBER 2020
Edinburgh 14 NOVEMBER 2020

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